“Saving Abby” by Steena Holmes

“Saving Abby” by Steena Holmes

Claire and Josh and trying to come to terms with their infertility. After years of trying everything, they have been told that they just won’t be able to get pregnant. Now they are near the end of a European tour and Claire is nervous about rejoining her everyday life. Her emotions still feel so raw. Back home, they throw themselves into the next series of the children’s books that they write and illustrate, but Claire starts having crippling headaches and spending much of the day sleeping. Her best friend Abby is also her doctor and when Abby gives her a diagnosis, it will rock their world to the core.

Well, I just loved this couple. The author has created two beautiful people in Claire and Josh and you can’t help but be drawn into their little world and cheer for them. I also really enjoyed how the storybook character, Jack, that they have created is incorporated into the larger story of their lives. The whole story just feels very natural and flows beautifully. The story progresses at a very comfortable pace and I liked how different chapters relate the story from the perspective of the characters. Some are narrated by Claire, some by Josh, and some by Claire’s mother, Millie. I really appreciated the way that Josh supports Claire during the story and never makes her feel like she is a burden. That being said, they do have some friction which they each handle in a very mature way. There is some marriage guidance hidden in the pages of this one. This one has romance and daily life, happiness and sorrow, and it’s a really good story. The setting is contemporary, if that’s something you look for. This would be a great summer read.

Alinefromabook’s rating: 4-star-rating  4 stars!

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