“Where Dead Men Meet” by Mark Mills

“Where Dead Men Meet” by Mark Mills

Looking for a little jaunt across pre-World War II Europe? Want a few thrills along the way? Then this is the book for you. “Where Dead Men Meet” reads like a spy story with lots of action and suspense. Luke is an RAF pilot who has been grounded and is stuck behind a desk in Paris. Pippi is a young woman, who along with 2 thugs, is smuggling Jews out of Germany. Ivan is an aging hitman whose job is to kill Luke, until he has a change of heart. Throw in some German military officers and a mysterious adoption story and the bullets soon start to fly.

Spy stories aren’t my usual thing but this one sounded like a good one and I was not disappointed. I took an instant liking to Luke and then to Pippi, and even though their first meeting was less than ideal, you could tell these two liked each other. Luke has a very mysterious past and suddenly it catches up to him and places him on the wrong side of a gun. Ivan has a suspicion about who Luke really is and decides to help him escape the men that are trying to kill him. This proves to be easier said than done. I was particularly impressed with the author’s descriptions of the various villages and cities where the story takes place. This story has lots of interesting twists but none of them feel contrived. There’s bad guys, and good guys, and some for whom it’s hard to tell. Bottom line: this is a great story that I highly recommend.

Alinefromabook’s rating:  4-star-rating  4 stars!

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