Weekly Round-Up 4/9/2017

Welcome to the end of another week. I will forewarn you, I have had no self-control this week. So, let’s tally up the damages.


If you pay attention to such things, you will have noticed that I posted nothing this week. That’s because I didn’t finish ANYTHING this week. I believe this is a first since I started this blog. I have no explanation for this phenomenon. For the coming week, I do have 2 days off work, so maybe I will do some catching up before the next round-up. I added 2 books to the TBR this week, both audiobooks which I don’t usually do, so I’ll see how that goes. I also received a flyer from Pen & Sword this week of available to request books and I asked for all of them. That’s 5 books that are winging their way to me. It is my rule not to add books to the official TBR until I actually possess them which means there will be a spike coming in a couple of weeks. The official ending tally is 275 books.


Score remains at 71% because I haven’t finished any books this week.

Coming Up

I am a little more than halfway through “The Fifth Petal” by Brunonia Barry and I am loving it! If I don’t get my review up this week someone may have to conduct an intervention to get me reading again.

The Fifth Petal

After this is a short story called “Death of a Pawn” by David Bruns and then I think I’m going to go for a cozy mystery, for a little bit of a change, called “Pesky Politicians in Las Vegas” by A.R. Winters. Both of these were sent to me by the authors. I’ve read other books in A.R. Winters Tiffany Black series and enjoyed them so I expecting this to be a fun, shorter read. David Bruns is a new author for me and we’ll see how it goes. That’s all I have for today, guys.

Happy Reading!

2 thoughts on “Weekly Round-Up 4/9/2017

  1. I shall be ready with the medicinal chocolate should you require an intervention – and perhaps a special fan with a picture of Darcy on it too, if necessary…


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