“Maggie Dove’s Detective Agency” by Susan Breen

“Maggie Dove’s Detective Agency” by Susan Breen

Genre: Mystery

Maggie Dove is a lovely woman who has been trapped in grief for 20 years. Now she has opened a detective agency with two partners, Agnes and Helen, and she recapturing her life. Being a detective frequently challenges her comfort zone but she is determined to be a success. When a prodigal daughter returns home after 40 years and suddenly commits suicide, Maggie is hired by her sister to uncover the truth.

This story is filled with delightful characters. I felt like I could really relate to Maggie because she old enough to be retiring but instead she if forging a new life for herself. Agnes was a little tough for me to like at first because she can be moody, but she always has Maggie’s back and she grew on me as the story progressed. Helen is a single mother with a mysterious past and a rambunctious little boy who adopts Maggie as a grandmother. I liked how the author was able to integrate some personal life challenges of the characters into the overall story and do it in such a way that it felt natural and not forced. This story is book 2 in a series but does well as a stand-alone. Overall, I really enjoyed this book and would be interested in reading future installments of this series.

Alinefromabook’s rating: 4-star-rating  4 stars!

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