“The Lengthening War” by Michael Goode


Genre: Biography

World War I was a pivotal event in the history of the world. In “The Lengthening War”, Michael Goode shares the diary of Mabel Goode, which contains her thoughts and perceptions of the war as it stretched out longer and longer. Mabel is a young woman, unmarried, at the start of the war. In the beginning the people of Britain thought that the war would last a few months and then everything would go back to normal, and this rather casual viewpoint is evident in the diary. She is fervent in her desire to help out and to see her brothers participating as well. As the war lengthens and becomes more of a burden to the British populace, Mabel’s enthusiasm also begins to wane.

I enjoyed this book very much and through reading gained some insight into WWI that you won’t find in your history books. The first half of the book uses quotes from the diary to point out different aspects on the war. There are chapters on how different people’s roles in British society changed during the war, and how the spirit of the British people was altered as the war began to stretch out over the years. The author also takes the time to talk about the diarist brothers and how their lives were affected by war. The second half of the book then presents the diary in its entirety. Michael Goode has done an excellent job of researching and presenting the story of Mabel Goode and her brothers, and the many ways that the war changed the culture.

Alinefromabook’s rating:  4-star-rating 4 stars!

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