Weekly Round-up 2/5/2017

Another week comes to an end. Let’s review what’s been happening. I finished and reviewed 3 books. “Death Calls at the Palace” took me into a mystery in Victorian London and gained a 3.5 star rating. “The Hanover Square Affair” was also in London, this time for the Regency period and garnered 4 stars. Finally, I visited Northern California in “A Killer Location” which also garnered 4 stars. So, it was a week of mysteries here at Alinefromabook.

TBR Update:

The week started with 275 books. I read 2, bringing the total to 273. Late in the week, I got bitten by NetGalley again and added 3. The ending TBR is 276. I have decided to feel no shame. It seems that I have hit a sweet spot at 275, give or take a couple. There are just so many good stories out there!

NetGalley rating:

I started the week with a 68% rating but after receiving 2 books i have dropped down to 66%. I also had 5 books pop over to the “more than 3 months” column. That’s bad, so I will be putting more effort into NetGalley books for a few weeks.

Coming up:

I will finally finish “The Lengthening War


I’m also working on “White Lead”


So here’s hoping I get lots of reading time this week.

Happy Reading!


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