Thriller Book Review: “Lust, Money and Murder” by Mike Wells

Thriller Book Review: “Lust, Money and Murder” by Mike Wells

This is book 1 in a 9 book series. In this first installment we meet Elaine Brogan, Secret Service agent. We learn that Elaine had a pretty normal working-class childhood in Pittsburgh. Her father works multiple jobs to put her through private school. But when Elaine is 16, her father is arrested for passing counterfeit money. Though he is not guilty, while in jail he commits suicide. Elaine’s mission becomes seeking vengeance for her father. She determines to become a Secret Service agent in the counterfeit division so that she can track down the man who had passed the money to her father. Everything goes according to her plan until she ends up in Montana…

I really liked Elaine because even though she makes a big mistake in her life, she is determined to put things right. Her persistence is what keeps her going during the rigors of Secret Service training and in dealing with a boss who is a jerk. Her experiences with men do not turn out as well. This first book is obviously building a foundation for the series and gives the reader a thorough understanding of Elaine and the circumstances that have shaped her. Based on this story, I think the series will be a good one. I am definitely curious to see where Elaine is going to go next.

Alinefromabook’s rating: THUMBS-UP!

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