Fiction Book Review: “Rubber Match” by Marcus Cootsona

Fiction Book Review: “Rubber Match” by Marcus Cootsona

Tennis lovers stand up and cheer! This story takes the reader into the world of Wally, the tennis pro. Wally is fifty-nine years old and had an inadvertent victory two years previously. He is happily married to a gorgeous woman, and they have two grown children. The story begins while they are on a road trip with their son to tour college campuses. And then the minivan dies on the side of the freeway. What follows is the craziest sequence of events you can ever imagine, which will take them from their home in California to the plains of Nebraska. Along the way, Wally is picked to play in the Davis Cup, a painting is stolen (or maybe forged), and a young millionairess solves all of Wally’s problems.

I found this story charming and full of little delights. Wally and his family will completely draw you in and make you feel right at home. The plot has lots of twists to keep you guessing and reading. My only challenge with the story is that it is so tennis terminology heavy and I am completely ignorant about tennis. That being said, I still enjoyed the story. The author has a distinct sense of humor and uses it liberally throughout. If you love tennis this is an obvious choice but it’s also worth considering if you’re looking for something a little different to read.

Alinefromabook’s rating: THUMBS-UP!

Happy Reading!

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