Mystery Book Review: “The Fourth Partner” by Rodney Page

Mystery Book Review: “The Fourth Partner” by Rodney Page

When the body of Billy Powell turns up at a construction site on Saint Simons island of the coast of Georgia, no one seems to be bothered. No one, that is, except Leroy Meriwether, the detective on the local police force on whose desk the case falls. The circumstances, and the stories Leroy gets from family and friends, just don’t seem to add up. Billy was thought to have drowned in a boating accident, but an examination of the body reveals foul play. Leroy soon finds himself and his loved ones in mortal danger as he begins to uncover the truths long hidden.

I really enjoyed this story. Leroy Meriwether is such a likable character. He’s one of the nice guys. Leroy is thorough with his work, if maybe a little bored by it, he’s in a stable relationship that holds promise for the future, and he buys flowers for the department’s research assistant when she goes the extra mile. He’s not a tough guy type of detective but he gets results. The investigation starts out a little slow but as Leroy starts digging the tension just keeps building. I found the plot to be engaging and I was still guessing until the end. The final confrontation had me on the edge of my seat. Rodney Page has done a great job of developing his characters and the story. I think mystery lovers will really enjoy this one.

Alinefromabook’s rating: THUMBS-UP!

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