Book Review: “The Sister” by Louise Jensen

Book Review: “The Sister” by Louise Jensen

If you’re in the mood for a really twisted psychological thriller, “The Sister” perfectly fits the bill. What starts out as a mistake turns into a plot to destroy. Grace is a gentle and loving pre-school teacher whose life was turned upside down by the recent death of her best friend Charlie. Depression consumes her for many months but now she is back at work and beginning to face life again. Charlie never knew who her father was and Grace wants to find the man to help her bring closure to her own grief. When she is contacted by Anna, who claims to be Charlie’s step-sister, they have an instant connection, so much so that Grace moves Anna into her home where she lives with her long-time boyfriend Dan. But Anna may not be all that she seems and Grace soon finds herself in mortal danger.

Grace is such a great character. I took me no time at all to relate to her and the tragedy she has faced. She so wants to close the circle of Charlie’s life that she gets swept away by Anna’s presence. But it’s her determination that will keep her pushing forward and enable her to see through the subterfuge. Anna, on the other hand, I was suspicious of from the first moment I met her. She’s that person that you’re not sure why but you just don’t feel right about them. Adding flavor to the drama is Charlie’s alcoholic mother Lexie who Grace just can’t abandon no matter how nasty she gets. I also really enjoyed the style of this author’s writing. It is well-crafted and keeps pulling you in, anxious to find out what happens next. “The Sister” is a great choice in the psychological thriller genre.

Alinefromabook’s rating: THUMBS-UP!

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