TBR Update

I have spent the last week totally overhauling my TBR. I decided to create a database of all my books to help me in tracking not only their whereabouts but also my reviews. This turned out to be easier than I expected when I discovered that Access comes with a library template. All I had to do was change a couple of column names and add a few fields. What will take me a while yet is inputting all the books into the database.

What I have ended up with is a total of 276 books in my library, digital and hardcopy, that I have not read, but I am only considering books to be on my TBR if I have actually starting reading them. That number is 5, which psychologically is much more manageable that 276. Hopefully in the next week I will be posting reviews of

“To Catch A Bad Guy” by Marie Astor

To Catch a Bad Guy

and “Constant Guests” by Patricia Nedelea

Constant Guests

That’s a sneak peek at what’s coming in the next 7 days. After that it might get a little slower in here because I go back to work next week with the start of a new school year.

Happy Reading!



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