Book Review: “Warchild: Pawn” by Ernie Lindsey

Book Review: “Warchild: Pawn” by Ernie Lindsey

Caroline is 14 and a runner for her community. Her job is to discover any threats to the village and warn them. Usually the only threat comes from Republicons, groups of dissenters who travel around raiding villages. Today will not be a usual day. The United States has survived an apocalypse and is now divided into the DAV’s and the PRV’s. Caroline’s village is in PRV territory. The two governments have had a treaty in place for hundreds of years that has prevented them from attacking each other. Until today…today Caroline hears drumbeats while on patrol, the beats of war drums. Then she finds Finn, a DAV deserter and he confirms her worst fear. DAV is attacking PRV with an army of 50,000 men. Caroline runs to warn her village only to find it is too late for everybody to get away. As she views the carnage and finds herself a captive of the DAV, she realizes that the villagers have been betrayed and she’s the only one left who can lead the survivors.

This is a great YA post-apocalyptic story. I especially enjoyed Caroline. She is complex and engaging. On the brink of adulthood, she is thrown into a life or death situation that she feels ill-prepared for. Within a few hours, everyone she loves is dead and she’s responsible for a group of refugees. Her development as a person as the story progresses is just as fascinating as the story itself. The author has also created a great supporting cast. The story starts with a bang and the action just keeps coming. This book is a great choice for teen readers and young adult fiction fans.

Alinefromabook’s rating: THUMBS-UP!

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