Book Review: “Violation of Faith” by Jeannie Hall

Book Review: “Violation of Faith” by Jeannie Hall

Lynea and Corinne have been living in fear for the last 3 years after they escaped from the Reverend, a murderous cult leader who after killing the girl’s parents, forced Lynea to marry him at the age of 12. They are finally beginning to settle in to life in a small-town where Corinne has been granted a scholarship to the local college. With a little help, Lynea gets a job working at the college’s library where she is assigned to work with the gorgeous Brennan Gage. Brennan also happens to be an expert in religious cults. The two are drawn to each other, neither realizing the danger they will soon be in. The Reverend has found his errant wife and is plotting his revenge.

I found this book really engaging. The story kept bringing thrills and danger and the romance side was not overdone or predictable. The characters have great personalities and the evil Reverend is expertly drawn. I think the religious cult aspect and the tragedy within the story gives this romance an edge over its peers.

Alinefromabook’s rating: THUMBS-UP!

Happy Reading!


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