Book Review: “Angels Flight” by Michael Connelly

Book Review: “Angels Flight” by Michael Connelly

If something bad ever happened to me in LA, I would want Harry Bosch to be the detective on the case. He’s tough on crime and criminals, but he doesn’t just leap to the easy or most obvious answer. Harry Bosch is a seeker of truth, even if the truth is very ugly. “Angels Flight” has some very ugly truths, and some very powerful people covering them up, but Bosch will not rest until he has unraveled every string in this knot. When a powerful lawyer, who is about to start a trial against the LAPD, is shot down on the Angels Flight railway, the Chief picks Harry and his team to lead up the investigation. Bosch knows he could become the fall guy for the department if there is even one misstep in the handling of this case. Was this a random shooting, someone out for revenge, or did one of LAPD’s own take down the department’s biggest enemy? You’ll have to get a copy so you can find out!

This is the 6th book in the Harry Bosch series and every bit as gripping as the ones that came before. I will admit that Bosch is one of my favorite male police detectives, so I was biased before I even started reading this one. In my defense, Michael Connelly has fleshed out his character in the kind of detail that makes you feel like you’ve known him all your life. I love that Bosch is tough but he also has a very tender side when it comes to his personal relationships. This is very evident in this book as he and his wife hit a rough patch, and a former partner makes a shocking confession. Another thing I have always enjoyed about this series is how the author incorporates real locations in LA into the story, which helps me to feel like I’m really there and these events could have really taken place. Hats off to Mr. Connelly for another great installment in this series.

Alinefromabook’s rating: TWO THUMBS-UP!

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