Book Review: “Dying to Keep It” by Donna Thompson

Book Review: “Dying to Keep It” by Donna Thompson

Brea was abandoned as an infant and raised in the foster care system. So was her boyfriend Ben. In fact, that’s all they have in common when they decide to buy a B&B, sight unseen, in rural Maine. Ben turns tail and runs as soon as he sees the place. When Brea inadvertently finds millions of dollars hidden in the structure, Ben comes back looking for more than his share. Then he turns up dead and Brea becomes the prime suspect. Not only is she being investigated by the police but Toby, a very handsome local private investigator, is also checking her out. In more ways than one. Will Brea be able to clear her name before she too ends up dead? Will she ever be accepted into the community? Is there a future for her and Toby?

The answers await you in the pages of this mystery/romance. I really couldn’t help but like Brea and Toby, while at the same time wondering who was trying to kill them. The storyline has some nice twists and was engaging throughout. Overall, this is a good read as a mystery and as a romance.

Alinefromabook’s rating: THUMBS-UP for great characters and an intriguing plot.

Happy Reading!

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