Book Review: “A Question of Will” by Alex Albrinck

Book Review: “A Question of Will” by Alex Albrinck

I found this book fascinating not only because of the complex storyline but also because of the glimpse at the possible future of technology that it provides. The characters, who play their parts excellently, are the frosting on the cake. They are intriguing and believable, especially the good guys, and well developed throughout the story.

Will Stark is the richest man in the world, a brilliant entrepreneur and developer, who lives with his wife, Hope and his young son, Josh, in a secure community with guards patrolling 24 hours a day. As the story opens the community is being attacked by the Hunters of the Aliomenti and their target is the Stark family. Their house is burnt to the ground in a huge explosion and all three are presumed dead in the fire. But Will is not dead. He has been rescued by the Alliance, the enemies of the Aliomenti. What follows is Will’s journey as he discovers who he really is. But what has happened to Hope and Josh? Pick up a copy and find out. This book is the first in the Aliomenti Saga series. Bonus: the Kindle version of the book is free – click here to download.

Alinefromabook’s recommendation: THUMBS-UP! This is science fiction and will appeal to lovers of the genre.

Happy Reading!

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