Book Review: “3 Lies” by Helen Hanson

Book Review: “3 Lies” by Helen Hanson

I was on the edge of my seat with this story. Clint Masters is planning to take his girlfriend, Beth, out sailing for the day. When he arrives at her door expecting breakfast, she’s not there. His first thought is that he’s been stood up, after all they’ve only been dating a couple of months. But his affection for her keeps him curious and his questions begin to reveal that something sinister is going on, and Beth’s life is in danger.

I was a little annoyed with Clint and his attitude at the beginning but as the story unfolds and his devotion to Beth becomes clear he became a hero in my eyes. Beth is a dialysis patient, a fact that her captors are unaware of. If she doesn’t get to a machine within the next couple of days, her blood will become toxic and her body will shut down. Beth’s body may be fragile but her spirit is tough as nails and she is not going down without a fight. What neither one of them knows could get them both killed.

The story is told from four perspectives. Clint’s is primary as we follow him through his investigation. Pieces start to fall in place as the captor’s, Beth and CIA operatives each tell the story from their separate perspectives. I absolutely loved this story which is the first in a series. It took me a couple of chapters to really get into it, but once this story took off there was no slowing it down. Clint and Beth are both good people caught up in circumstances NOT of their own making.

Alinefromabook’s recommendation: THUMBS-UP! For believable and likable good guys, and lots of twists and thrills.

Happy Reading!

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