Book Review: “An Angel Healed” by Annalisa Russo

Book Review: “An Angel Healed” by Annalisa Russo

Raphael Cavelli has been running away from heartbreak for 7 years. When he finally returns home to his family in Chicago, he’s in the throes of malaria. With the help of his sisters, he’s finally on the road to recovery when the girl who broke his heart suddenly reappears. He knows her immediately and all the intensity of his love for her returns. But she doesn’t remember every having met him before. Hope was left homeless and without family at the age of 16. She spent six months living in a shelter that is supported by the Cavelli family, than she just left. Rafe had been doing odd jobs at the place during the time she was there but never introduced himself. Now he is determined to win her over and make her his wife. But first, he will have to clear her of a murder charge. Can Rafe and Hope overcome the obstacles and finally make a family together?

This book is the second in a series but also stands on its own. The characters of Rafe and Hope were so likable right from the beginning and just kept growing on me as I read. The Cavelli family is a wonderful support system for these two as their relationship progresses. The story is engaging from the start and you can’t help but root for these two.

Alinefromabook’s recommendation: THUMBS-UP for a great love story with a little mystery thrown in. A worthy read!

Happy Reading!

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