Book Review: “Project Anan” by Lionel Lazarus

Book Review: “Project Anan” by Lionel Lazarus

Aliens and human working together? Is that even possible? It is in “Project Anan” by Lionel Lazarus. The Anans are running out of blue energy and their population is suffering from a wasting disease for which they have no cure. It’s been thousands of years since they last visited Earth and when they did they altered human DNA to boost intelligence. Now, they need humans to help them start a colony on an unexplored planet. At the same time, Earth is facing its own crisis as the environment is spinning out of control and the future of humanity is in question. Will the Anans be received as friends or will they be blasted out of the sky?

All the answers will be revealed in this cleverly crafted story. I was completely caught up in this book. It takes place in the not too distant future so was easy to relate to. The story explores the relationship between aliens and humans and has some wonderful moments of conflict resolution. This book would be appropriate for teenagers and adults. It’s primarily for a science fiction audience but the messages about building community are relevant to all of us.

Alinefromabook is giving “Project Anan” a THUMBS-UP recommendation!

Happy Reading!

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