Book Review: “The Art of Remaining Calm” by Clyde Deschamp, PhD

Book Review: “The Art of Remaining Calm” by Clyde Deschamp, PhD

An excellent treatise on a common malady. Stress related anxiety is becoming more and more common in today’s world. Many people turn immediately to medication, some of which can be addictive. In “The Art of Remaining Calm”, Dr. Deschamp has done an excellent job of explaining anxiety and the various mechanisms available to treat it. I was very impressed by the readability of this book, the average Joe will find the explanations easy to understand. I also appreciated the way the book was laid out, the topics in each chapter build on each other in a logical sequence. Dr. Deschamp begins with an explanation of what stress is and its causes. He then moves to complications that can arise and a discussion of why some people are more susceptible to stress than others. In the final chapters he discusses various forms of treatment from exercise and nutrition to herbal supplements and medications. He gives a lot of options and encouragement along the way. If you or someone you know struggles with anxiety, this book would be a great place to start looking for answers. I would consider this book like a map and you can pick the destinations (treatments) that are most appealing to you.

Who is this book appropriate for?: This book is a good one for anybody who has anxiety or just wants to learn more about in a simple, easy-to-read style. This book is appropriate for teenagers and adults.

Alinfromabook’s rating: I give this self-help book a big THUMBS-UP!

Happy Reading!

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