Book Review: “A Pedigree to Die For” by Laurien Berenson

Book Review: “A Pedigree to Die For” by Laurien Berenson

What could be better on a Christmas weekend then a delightful, cozy mystery? Nothing, of course. “A Pedigree to Die For” was delightful from beginning to end. Melanie is a single mother with a very busy 4 year old son. As the story opens summer break is just starting and Melanie finds out that the summer teaching job she was counting on has fallen through. Then she gets the news that her Uncle Max was found dead, of an apparent heart attack, on the floor of the kennel where he and Aunt Peg raise Poodles for competition. Aunt Peg also informs her that their prize-winning stud dog, Beau, went missing the same night, and then she proceeds to recruit Melanie to help her in finding the dog. Along the way, Melanie learns more she thought she ever wanted to know about the dog show circuit and the Standard Poodle breed.

I was pleasantly surprised by this book. Being a cat lover, I wasn’t sure if a book with dogs would keep my interest, but the characters in this story were so engaging that I once I started I could hardly put it down. There is family discord and secrets, ruthless competitors, and a whole pack of Poodles to knock you over every time you enter the door. This book is first in a series and it’s a great start.

Who would enjoy this book: mystery lovers or dog lovers

What age is this book appropriate for: any age would enjoy this one, there are no sex scenes, bad language or graphic violence.

Alinefromabook’s recommendation: Definitely a THUMBS-UP! Get a copy and cozy up to a good read.

Happy Reading!

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