Book Review: “Clandestine” by Stella Faulkes

Book Review: “Clandestine” by Stella Faulkes

Conspiracy theorists will love this book! There are lots of acronyms in play here and twists and turns galore. Basically, the story is about a plot within a U.S. organization, CLU, and the CIA, to bring down the Venezualan government. Koshka is the head of CLU and she assigns this mission to Andy, a seasoned professional at creating discord in a country’s population. Andy and his contact in Venezuala, Joyia, have to sneak into the country and set up a base of operations. Then they need to stir up the students and the working class citizens. What they don’t know is that someone has put a hit out on Andy and the assassin will stop at nothing to take him down.

What I really liked about the book was the diversity of the characters and the way that the author developed them. The complexity of the conspiracy was also intriguing.

Who would enjoy this book: conspiracy theorists, action enthusiasts

What age group is this for: adults, maybe mature teens due to some graphic violence

Alinefromabook recommendation: Neutral – It wasn’t exceptional but it was not bad either.

Happy Reading!

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