Book Review: “Twist” by Roni Teson

Book Review: “Twist” by Roni Teson

Sometimes I read a book and at the end I find myself envying the author’s imagination, because I have been so engrossed in the story they have created. This is one of those books.

The story opens with Luke meeting Beatrice for the first time. Beatrice has recently moved in with her Aunt and Uncle, and Luke’s father is Uncle George’s best friend. It’s love at first sight for our two teenagers, but after one spur of the moment afternoon together, circumstances will keep them apart for months.

Beatrice’s mother has died and her father is on the run from the FBI. Understandably, Beatrice is confused by the situation and no one will tell her what her father has done or when she will see him again. Suddenly, her father reappears and Luke ends up beaten nearly to death, while Beatrice is forced to return to Seattle. Will these two ever have a chance to be together again? Will Luke regain his memory? Will Beatrice ever learn the truth about herself and her father?

This book lives up to its name as the story twists and turns from beginning to end. I couldn’t help but root for Beatrice and Luke as these kids navigate the challenges thrown at them. The author’s style is very approachable and easy to read. While this book is about teenagers, and would be a great read for that age group, as an adult I enjoyed it tremendously. There was plenty of intrigue and the romance part was not overdone or frivolous. I particularly appreciated the author’s description of Luke’s recovery, which seemed very realistic and true to life. I am highly recommending this book and hope it will get the attention and readership it deserves.

Happy Reading!

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