Book Review: “The Lake House” by Kate Morton

Book Review: “The Lake House” by Kate Morton

This is a new favorite for me. Everything about this book was beautifully crafted, from the cover to the last page.

Sadie is a police detective in London who’s being forced to take leave because she talked to a reporter about an active case. She decides to visit her grandfather who has moved to Cornwall following the death of his wife. One morning, while out jogging with her grandfather’s dogs, she comes upon the Lake House. Her curiosity piqued, she learns that the house was vacated by the owners 70 years previously after a family tragedy. The only son of the family, only 2 years old at the time, disappears during a party and no one knows what happened to him. Since she can’t go back to work yet, Sadie decides to launch an investigation into the mystery of Theo’s disappearance.

As you’ve probably guessed, I loved this book. There’s mysteries within mysteries. The characters are complex and appealing. Sadie, in particular, captured my imagination. She’s a skilled detective but vulnerable to her emotions and haunted by her past, a past she must come to terms with during her investigation. This story is more than just a mystery though. It’s a journey into the heart of relationships and commitments, and how one choice can reverberate through time. There is a richness to this story that made it a true pleasure to read and I highly recommend it, not just to mystery lovers, but to all lovers of good fiction. Thank you to Kate Morton for enriching my reading experience with this wonderful story.

Happy Reading!

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