Book Review: “Atlantic Island” by Fredric Shernoff

Book Review: “Atlantic Island” by Fredric Shernoff

Theo and his friends are just teenagers who want to spend a weekend at the Jersey Shore. Their biggest concern is how to talk to girls, assuming they even get one to notice them. They’re not scholars, just average Joes, looking forward to their final year of high school. When a car full of cute girls passes them on the highway they can only hope to run into them again. The boys can’t believe their luck when they and the girls all end up at the same pizza joint for dinner. Then, while walking and enjoying the evening air the whole world changes. A huge storm rolls over the island and the friends will soon find out that Atlantic City is now just an island with no other land or civilization in sight. This group will have to grow up fast as a vicious dictator takes over and Theo suddenly finds himself leading a rebellion.

This book will draw you in fast and keep you engaged until the very end. I love that Theo and his friends are just ordinary kids. No superstars or superheroes here. No magical powers flowing through their veins. They must become creative and resourceful in order to make a life for themselves in this new reality, and they must stay true to each other. This is an alternate reality, apocalyptic story with great characters and plenty of action. The story will probably be most attractive to teens and young adults because the heroes are teenagers but there’s plenty here for readers of all ages. This is the first book in a series and does leave you with unanswered questions. There are some descriptions of violence that may not be appropriate for sensitive readers but overall a very good read.

Happy Reading!

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