Book Review: “Cold A Long Time” by John Leake

Book Review: “Cold A Long Time” by John Leake

This is the heart-breaking true story of the disappearance and death of Canadian hockey player Duncan MacPherson. “Cold A Long Time” tells the story of the 20 years that Duncan’s parents spent trying to find out what had happened to their son and the cover-up by authorities. In August of 1989 Duncan was traveling in Europe before taking up a coaching job in Scotland. He had been calling his mother on a regular basis but after missing a scheduled call time his parents began to be concerned. Then they received a call that he had never arrived in Scotland. No one could have imagined how difficult it would be for them to find out what their son’s fate had been.

John Leake expertly relates the MacPherson’s story, the obstacles they faced, and the strength and determination they showed in persisting with their search for answers. I found the story thoroughly engaging and really felt for the MacPherson’s and their heartbreak and frustration. This book would be an obvious choice for a hockey fan, but any lover of true stories would also enjoy this book. It may not be suitable for younger audiences as there are some difficult pictures of the body near the end. All in all a good read.

Happy Reading!

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