Book Review: “Beacon” by Jonathan C. Gillespie

Book Review: “Beacon” by Jonathan C. Gillespie

The universe has been reduced to a grouping of spaceships gathered around a star they call Beacon. The remnants of the races live here but reproduction has ceased among all of them. It’s been 20 years since a child was born. Then twenty-year old Tersias and nineteen-year old Mally find out that Mally is pregnant. Within hours all the remnants of civilization have their eyes on this pregnancy. A grand celebration is planned, but will all go as intended?

This short story is the first in a series. I really enjoyed this one and hope to read part 2 soon. I particularly liked the characters of Tersias and Mally. Even though the short story format doesn’t allow for a huge amount of character development, I found these two totally likable. They were totally overwhelmed by all the attention but handled it with grace and calm. The occurrence at the end makes me especially curious to see where the author intends to go with the world he has created. I recommend “Beacon” for lovers or dabblers of sci-fi.

Happy Reading!

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