Book Review: “Broken Prey” by John Sandford

Book Review: “Broken Prey” by John Sandford

A little gruesome in places but nevertheless a great read! Lucas Davenport is an investigator in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area. In this story (no. 16 in the series), he is faced with a particularly grisly serial killer. There are few clues to follow up until the killer starts to call a local journalist. But this guy is clever and leads the investigation down several rabbit trails before Davenport can figure it out. Sloan is working with Davenport again in this one and Elle shows up a couple of times. Davenport’s wife, Elle, and their children are in London throughout the story.

This book is another winner from John Sandford. I especially enjoy the Minneapolis setting of the book since I am familiar with several of the locations mentioned. Davenport is definitely one of the good guys and by the time you get to this book in the series he is a well-developed character and a good friend of the reader. The plotline in this one is especially twisty, something I really enjoy. If you enjoy mysteries/thrillers, I think you will really like this book. I would not recommend this for younger readers due to the graphic nature of some of the scenes.

Happy Reading!

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