Book Review: “At the Sharp Edge of Lightning” by N. R. Bates

Book Review: “At the Sharp Edge of Lightning” by N. R. Bates

A complex and intriguing adventure! N. R. Bates has created a universe where four different worlds exist with little knowledge of each other. Then things start to go wrong in the Oceanlight world where the Sea Sprites live. Yalara is on a quest when she finds a Sprite village that has been destroyed and the inhabitants are either dead or have disappeared. Meanwhile, Helia, a forest Sprite from the Forestlight world, is sent to locate a Thinness, a weakening of the membrane that separates the worlds. Einion lives in the Humana world. He is a young man with hemophilia who is trying to make a life while being handicapped by his illness. Einion stumbles upon an Interface and finds himself in the past trying to save a dying girl.

I really enjoyed the characters in this story, especially Einion. His perseverance, even in the face of death, is a good example to readers of what the human spirit is capable of. He has no superpowers, and very little to offer in the way of physical ability, but he is a fighter who wants to do the right thing. The story is clever one, with 3 separate storylines but you just know they are linked together in some way. My only problem with the story was that none of the storylines came to a conclusion at the end. This book is the first in a planned series but even so, it would have been nice for at there to be more of a coming together in the end. This would be a good pick for a teenager or young adult as the characters are all young.

Happy Reading!

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