Book Review: “A Field of Red” by Greg Enslen

Book Review: “A Field of Red” by Greg Enslen

“A Field of Red” is a mystery/thriller. Two young girls, one the daughter of a town councilman, have been kidnapped in broad daylight, just a block from their school. Frank Harper is a down-on-his luck, retired police officer, in town to try and reconcile with his estranged daughter. Chief King is the local police chief whose force is overwhelmed by the kidnapping. When Chief King learns that Harper is in town he seeks his assistance in finding the two girls because of Harper’s experience with kidnappings. But Frank is a drunk and extremely reluctant to get involved. Eventually the promise of a reward convinces him to help as a consultant.

This story is full of twists and turns, and the ending will definitely surprise. I really enjoyed this story because of the complexity of the mystery but more importantly for the way the author portrayed Frank Harper and his struggles. I could feel Frank’s desperation about his relationship with his daughter and his growing realization of his alcohol problem. The relationships in this book were quite touching and not just an afterthought, something you don’t always get in mystery/crime story. I would definitely recommend this book for readers of mystery and crime fiction. Thumbs up to Greg Enslen for this engaging story.

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