Book Review: “Drachen” by Brendan le Grange

Book Review: “Drachen” by Brendan le Grange

A treasure hunt filled with danger, adventure, and mysterious places!! I thoroughly enjoyed this book. This is just non-stop action and adventure. Brett is searching for a lost treasure somewhere on the European coast. But she not the only one following the clues. Chapter 1 drops you into the middle of a foot chase with Brett as the one being chased. After she escapes she teams up with her friend Patrick, who helps her to locate the clues and provides protection. Then she encounters Sam, who steals the keys and the book that contains the clues. Sam is working with Roman and before you know it all 4 of them are being hunted by a Finnish mercenary and his team.

The action literally never stops in this story and if you like books that keep you on the edge of your seat, you will definitely love this one. I really enjoyed the main characters and the way they worked together. The locations are fabulous and the clues are particularly inventive. This is way more complex than just find the location of the red “X”. Make sure you buckle your seatbelt before diving in to this one, but definitely dive in!!

Happy Reading!

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