Book Review: “When Water Flows Uphill” by Beryl Shaw

Book Review: “When Water Flows Uphill” by Beryl Shaw

A unique and educational story! Beryl Shaw has taken a hotbed issue, water rights and drought, and turned it into a thoroughly engaging story.

Dr. Armand Croft suffers from an amnesia syndrome in which he repeatedly wakes up as a different person who has no memory of his past. His only connection to the past are notes that he keeps in his wallet to remind his future self of key characteristics of his life, such as the existence of his daughter. Dr. Croft is in charge of a project to bring water from a valley in northern Nevada to the city of Las Vegas. The locals are opposed and some of them are prepared to fight to the end. From the start, Dr. Croft receives threatening e-mails and packages containing dead animals. His personal life is on the upswing as he renews his relationship with his daughter and finds new love in a co-worker.

This story is complex and twisty with great characters. Personally, I’ve never heard of the type of amnesia described in this story, but I found it to be a fascinating part of the plot. There is plenty of scientific material related to water throughout the book, but the author has done a great job of incorporating it into the storyline and dialogue without being boring. There are also elements of a thriller to keep you on your toes. I think many readers will find good stuff here.

Happy Reading!

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