And Now For A Bit Of Humor

I was recently challenged to either try stand-up comedy or write down my stories. So, I’ve decided to go with option 2. I hope that you will at least chuckle a bit and I would appreciate (?!?) feedback.

“The Beginning of Every Phone Call”

A little background: my Mom is in her seventies now and the brain just ain’t what it used to be.

My phone rings. I pick it up, see that the call is from my mother, and push the Answer button.

Me: Hello!

Mom (in a surprised tone): Oh! Jenny! It is you!

Me: Yes Mom, it’s me.

My brain speaking to itself: Who the heck did you think it was going to be when you dialed my number?

“The Wedding Reception Conversation”

Background information: I serve lunch every day at my son’s high school so I know all the kids in his class. My son is 15.

Me: So Saturday is going to be a pretty busy day. My plan is to take you to computer class and then let you hang out for a while and play games. We’ll pick you up about 4, get some food, and then go to Sam’s wedding.

Son: Aeyana was telling everybody she got a new dress for the wedding, and she and Carly are both going to the party and there will be dancing.

Me: I’m not sure we’re going to the reception.

Son: Mom, I have to go to the reception. Someday I might have a wedding of my own and I need to know how you do a wedding.

Me: Hmmm… I think you just want to go to the reception so you can dance with Carly.

Son (with a face now 15 shades of red): Mom, don’t say that. I haven’t even talked to Carly yet this year.

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