“Doomed Soul” by Robert Boomsliter

“Doomed Soul” by Robert Boomsliter

A thought provoking read! Robert Boomsliter is an atheist and this book is a collection of essays that he has written to express his point of view. His conviction about being an atheist is very strong and that clearly comes through in this book. This book is intended for readers who are open to points of view that are different than their own. If you are convinced that your religious beliefs are the only legitimate beliefs than you should stay away from this book. While I don’t necessarily agree with Robert’s views, I appreciated the thoughtfulness and thoroughness that went into these essays. He is able to convey his beliefs, or lack thereof, in a very concise and succinct fashion which I enjoyed. Readers who like to expose themselves to the way other people think would also enjoy this book. I find it valuable to expose myself to the way others experience the world and would definitely recommend this book to others who feel the same.

Happy Reading!

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