“My Steadfast Heart” by Jo Goodman

“My Steadfast Heart” by Jo Goodman

“My Steadfast Heart” is the first book in the Thorne Brothers Trilogy and I found it to be a thoroughly well-written romance story.

The story opens with Colin Thorne and his two younger brothers, Decker and Grey, finding themselves in a workhouse after their parents are murdered during a roadside robbery. Colin is taken in by the captain of a ship and ends up in Boston where he eventually becomes a ship’s captain himself. The story pauses here and picks up again some years later when Colin has arrived, with his ship, back in London. One night he is challenged to a duel by a local aristocrat, the Earl of Weybourne, who has lost money gambling with Colin. The night before the duel he is confronted by Mercedes Leyden whose uncle, the local aristocrat Weybourne, has sent her to Colin’s boarding house to stop him, by any means necessary, from showing up for the duel. What follows will throw Mercedes and Colin together through a complicated series of events involving robbery, trickery and murder. Will they fall in love and make a life together or will Colin catch the next ship and return to the states where another eligible young lady waits? You’ll have to read to find out.
I really enjoyed this story even though romance is not my usual cup of tea. Jo Goodman has created some wonderful characters who were truly likable and believable. Of course, there is a bad guy among them who will do anything in his power to thwart Colin and Mercedes. The author has done a great job of balancing descriptions of the surroundings with interactions between characters in a way that keeps you interested in the story from beginning to end. If you enjoy historical romances than you should definitely try this one out.

Happy Reading!

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