“Nica of Los Angeles” by Sue Perry

“Nica of Los Angeles” by Sue Perry

A unique and engaging story! In “Nica of Los Angeles”, Sue Perry has created a reality filled with Frames. The Frames are linked together by Connectors and there are Travelers who move between the Frames. Some Frames are free and some are neutral, and the whole thing is overseen by the Framekeeps.

Nica has spent her life drifting from one husband to another and from job to job. She finds herself having inherited the lease on an office and decides to be a private detective. Her first day she gets 3 clients, 1 of them will change her life. Anya and Anwyl travel through the Frames and find themselves in need of help from a Neutral in order to defeat the Warty Sebaceous Cysts who have plotted genocide against the people of the Halcyon Frame. They recruit Nica and the whirlwind adventure begins.

I enjoyed the concept of the Frames which is new to me. The author’s imagination with this concept seem to have no limits. There are buildings that are sentient and can talk and move around in some Frames. There are Gumby like humanoids and earthworms that are Healers. Ms. Perry gets kudos for creativity here. Her main characters are well developed. The story did seem to get bogged down with descriptions at times and this was a little frustrating. Overall, I enjoyed the story because the plot line was complex and interesting. I’m giving this book 3 out of 4 stars.

Happy Reading!

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