“Dangerous Games” (A Rossetti & MacLane Novel – Volume 1) by Jerome Dumont

“Dangerous Games” (A Rossetti & MacLane Novel – Volume 1) by Jerome Dumont

Discover something new! Jerome Dumont is a French author and this is the first book in his Rossetti & MacLane series. The version I read is a translation from the French and the first of the author’s books to be translated. Up front I just want to say that the translation is excellently done.

The story opens with Gabriel Rossetti, a young, single lawyer, in Nice, France. He’s in a pretty comfortable routine as summer approaches, processing his cases while being egged on by his assistant Nina, and trading barbs with best friend Martinez. Then Amanda Deschamps walks into his office. Amanda is the owner of a very successful online game design company. Her husband works for her in the business. They are on the verge of launching an industry changing game but Amanda is worried that her husband is having an affair. Gabriel is used to dealing with divorces and the suspicious spouses involved, so he sets his investigator Mr. Paul to the case. What the investigation reveals will take Gabriel from Nice to Montreal and back again, and his days will never again be ordinary.

Gabriel is a confident and charming character, he has laid out his life in a way that suits him, takes the clients he wants, and always does an excellent job. Amanda is a very capable business woman who is confident in her decisions but not arrogant about it. She has created a company that her employees love to work at, and with a growing customer base, has taken the gaming world by storm. Both of these characters have been well-crafted by the author and were a pleasure to get to know. I enjoyed the author’s descriptions of the locations where the story take place and the suspense that has been built in to this mystery. In addition, the author gives a lot of background information about the gaming world and either knows the business personally or did an immense amount of research while writing this book.

I’m highly recommending this book for mystery lovers and gamers alike. It seems that the author is planning to have more of this series translated and I will be looking forward to reading them. I’m giving “Dangerous Games” a rating of 4 out of 4 stars.

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