“Missing Era: The Emergence” by A. O. Khalil

“Missing Era: The Emergence” by A. O. Khalil

Horror, action, thrills, and mystery, all rolled into one book! This story never stopped throwing curveballs.

Jayson narrates the story. He’s an ordinary guy, happily married to Jule. But then sinkholes start appearing all over the country, and people start disappearing. Many people are escaping the cities as news comes that strange creatures have been coming out of the holes. Jayson and Jule don’t leave right away, but then comes the morning that a sinkhole opens up in the park across the street. Jayson makes plans to meet up with his family at his parent’s cabin. But this will be no simple road trip. The creatures are killing everybody in sight and one of them comes after Jule.

As the story unfolds Jayson and Jule, and a growing number of others, have numerous encounters with these creatures. Jayson finds himself as the leader of this motley group, which includes his sister, a couple of neighbors and strangers they come across at a gas station. They make it to the home of Jule’s parents where they are able to hide out temporarily in the basement and regroup. Jayson is able to rescue his brother, his girlfriend, and another sister. Throughout their struggles, with these creatures they now call the Uglies, they are picking up clues about them. But each clue brings more questions. After stocking up on supplies, they make it to the cabin only to find more strange occurrences.

The story ends with many unanswered questions, but the author has planned for a series and I find myself curious to know how this is all going to turn out. I found the book to be very readable, though just a little bit too gory for my taste in a couple of places. The author did an excellent job of developing his main characters, it’s obvious a great deal of thought when into the story. The narrative felt a bit jerky in some places but did not detract from the overall story being told. Even though this genre is not one that I’m the most comfortable with, I found that I just couldn’t stop reading it. This book is scheduled for release on Kindle on May 19, 2015 and is definitely worthy of consideration. Teens and younger adults are probably the best audience for this book.

Missing Era: The Emergence (Series 1)

Happy Reading!

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