“Holding Fire” by Scott Hughes (Editor)

“Holding Fire” by Scott Hughes (Editor)

This is a collection of short stories all based around the theme of self-destruction. I haven’t a short story collection in I don’t know how long and if this is any example, I’ve been missing out. There’s some really good stuff in this book and some of the best are written by the youngest authors.

“Running With Guilt” by Maggie Stancu is a definite favorite. The story tracks a killer in the days following a murder. The drama is heightened by the time-stamping throughout the story. This author really gets into her killer’s head with a believability that was shocking after I learned that she’s a high school student.

“Dog Eat Dog” by Joy Meehan. I loved this story which centers around an office worker and her horrible boss. The story also has a very surprising twist at the end. These characters are devious to the end but the story was a wonderful read anyway.

“Death’s Door” by Chris Chan. This is a detective type story with a retired cop and his grandson doing the detecting. These guys are just charming, though Q is a little off-beat. Really enjoyable reading.
This is just a sampling of the good stuff in this book. If you’re looking for something short and not-so-sweet check out this collection. This book is published by OnlineBookClub.org.

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