“Operation Angelica” by Juliene Lloyd

“Operation Angelica” by Juliene Lloyd

A thoroughly enjoyable read! This is a great covert ops story, but with a twist. This operation’s personnel include two key female operatives. And while these women can hold their own with the men, there will be a few tears.

The story open with Elizabeth Ashton, a trained sniper and FBI agent, taking revenge for her fiance’s death by shooting the man responsible. Brian was a biologist with a research team in South America when they found themselves in the middle of drug cartel territory. All members of the team were killed while trying to run away. A few months later, thinking that she’s completely under the radar, Elizabeth takes things into her own hands. What she doesn’t know is that someone was watching, and now she has come to the attention of Vormund/Ames, a firm that consults with the government on certain special projects.

Mike Van Dellen, a partner in the firm, sets about recruiting Ashton from the FBI, using his knowledge of her activities in South America as incentive. Ashton, reluctantly at first, agrees and is immediately swept up in training Vormund/Ames style. Her first assignment is to participate with a team that is providing backup for a multi-country operation to rescue drug cartel hostages in Colombia. As the training continues, Elizabeth gets to know the other members. Along the way, they shorten her name to Liz and the team begins to bond like a family.

One of the aspects of this book that I really enjoyed is how the author was able to weave together the action part of covert operations with very personal moments between the team members. The story moved back and forth seamlessly between the two and neither aspect felt forced or just thrown in as an afterthought. As a result, I really felt like I got to know the key members of the team and what motivates them to do this work. That being said, there is plenty of action, gunfire, and scoping out the enemy going on here. It’s refreshing to see an action story with a female perspective woven in.

I found this book really hard to put down and I could hardly wait to find out how it was all going to turn out. This book was an excellent read and I will be watching out for the next book in this series. I think many different readers will enjoy this book. Certainly those who like spy and covert operations type stories, but I would encourage readers who don’t normally pick up this type of book to give it a try because of the quality of the characters and the storytelling.

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