“Little Miss Sure Shot” by Jeffrey Marshall

“Little Miss Sure Shot” by Jeffrey Marshall

What a charming and delightful account of Annie Oakley’s life! I thoroughly enjoyed this opportunity to really get a feel for one of the icons of the American West. Annie Oakley was someone I had heard of and knew she was famous for her marksmanship but I had never heard the story of her life before. Being a bit of a history buff I was very excited to read this book and learn more and the author did not disappoint. Jeffrey Marshall grabs your interest from the beginning with a recounting of the period in her life when she was suing Hearst Corporation for libel and keeps you interested with his engaging writing style. He then relates the story of her life from the day she fired a gun for the first time until her death. He relays the events in her life that formed her into the star she would become. I especially enjoyed the way he was able to portray her scrappy but inquisitive personality and also that of her devoted husband. I was mesmerized by all the rich and powerful people this little lady was able to meet during her years with the Wild West Show and how she was able to step into a man’s world and not only play their game but beat them at it. Annie Oakley was a truly remarkable person who never let her fame get the better of her. I think she is still a shining example for girls even in the 21st century. If you enjoy American history or just like a good story you will really like reading this book. I highly recommend it.



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