“Dead in the Water” by Dana Stabenow

“Dead in the Water” by Dana Stabenow

Another mystery solved by the amazing Kate Shugak. I know I’m behind the eight ball with this series of books but in my defense, I only discovered Dana Stabenow this year so I am working furiously to catch up.

This is book three in the Kate Shugak series and I thoroughly enjoyed it, just like the first two. This time Kate is out crab-fishing in the Aleutian islands and hunting for murderers. I myself have never been to Alaska but Dana’s descriptions almost make me feel like I’m there. I felt like I was right there with Kate as she was hauling up crab pots and pounding the ice. I also love the way that the native culture is incorporated into the books. In this case, Kate encounters an old woman who is full of the old stories and also a basket-weaver. I really enjoyed how as part of the story I was also able to get some of the history of Aleut basket-weaving technique and it all just feels natural the way the author writes.

So Kate has once again been hired by Jack, this time to be a crew member on a crab boat and try to discover what happened to two previous crew members who have disappeared. Along the way she has a very amusing encounter with a group of Russian sailors, a young California surf dude out to discover Alaska (who by the way saves her life), and a group of men who care for nothing but how much money they can put in their own pockets.

Finally, I appreciate Ms. Stabenow’s ability to tell a gripping mystery story in less than 200 pages. These are books I can really enjoy without investing weeks of my time.

Kudos to Dana Stabenow on another job well done. I can’t wait to read book four and I recommend everyone give these stories a try.


Buy from Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Dead-Water-Kate-Shugak-Novels-ebook/dp/B004Y1QBUO/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1419539038&sr=8-3&keywords=Dead+in+the+Water

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